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What is the benefit of magnesium water?


One of the new water trends is water with magnesium. This mineral really belongs to the list of macro elements extremely important for the human body and has been studied quite a lot by scientists.
Today we will deal with questions about the benefits and damage of magnesium water, whether a mineral with magnesium is useful, and where to get it from.

Do we need iodized water?


Iodine, flawlessly, is the most important element necessary for the full functioning of the human body.
Today we will talk about what role it plays in the human body, where to get it, and whether there can be water with iodine the source of this mineral.

4 reasons your house needs a home water filtration system


Our homes usually receive water from wells or wells. And, depending on the geological characteristics of the area, it always contains various mechanical impurities: sand, silt, iron… It is clear that in this state it is not suitable for drinking or domestic use.